Villa Welpeloo Incorporates Surplus Materials In Its Facade


In Rotterdam, Netherlands, Villa Welpeloo stands as the grand project that Superuse Studio has completed back in 2009 for a couple that loves contemporary art. For the architecture, the designers thought to incorporate as much surplus materials as they could, so that is how the wood cladding façade appeared, conferring a unique appearance to a unique home. The main structure though is made of steel, so that it adds resistance to the villa.

Because the owners are art passionate, it was obvious the interior needed to offer a space where they can display their collection of paintings. Art gets really into the spotlight, as the interior stays minimalistic and clean. The white abounding the place makes any painting really stand out, so there is no need for any complicated decorations. And art can be considered the way the beautiful small garden arranged in the back of the house framed by the villa’s floor to ceiling windows, too.

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