Villa Aeropagus Offers Comfort And Lovely Views Of The Surroundings


We’re visiting Costa Rica today! Virtually, of course. There, we’re gonna see a gorgeous piece of architecture from Atenas known as Villa Aeropagus. It was completed in 2011 by the team from Paravant Architects and has a surface of 750 square meters, being very spacious and welcoming. As the client desired so, the main focus of the project was to create a close relationship between the landscape and the residence. These being said, the team did a great job and provided the home with energy efficient and eco friendly systems for heating the home, conserving the rain water and offering it natural provided electricity.

The elegant and stylish home also has a harmonious connection with the landscape, as it allows the beautiful natural surroundings to reveal their greatness through its multitude of floor to ceiling windows. The terraces and swimming pool from outside are the final accessories for making this residence a true dream home.

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