Two Different Structures Make The Perfect Home: House LKS By P8 Architecten


House LKS is a residence designed and completed by the Belgian team from P8 architecten in 2012. It’s situated in  the central area of Lier, Belgium and is the home of a young family that needed to expand their living spaces due to the arrival of their baby. The couple seized the opportunity to extend their space when the house next door was put out for sale. They bought it and had it demolished for building a new one that would match with their needs.

The new structure consists in a living place, a master bedroom, a lounge and a patio.  Although they stand in a strong contrast with each other on the outside, the two volumes blend in nicely on the inside and make for one very cozy and cheerful home. The new one has a modern and sleek design that easily stands out of the crowd when being compared with the neighboring homes.

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