Tiny Home In The Mountains Overlooking The Pacific Ocean


In the heart of the mountains, it’s considered enough to have a roof above your head, as the rest is compensated by the beauty surrounding. This tiny home made of timber has only 90 square feet, but space isn’t a problem, as the open plan that is conceived upon lets the natural light and landscape in.

Located in the Big Sur mountains, this home just couldn’t fit any better into the scenery. More than that, the architect Alex Wyndham added a wood bark façade to it, making the sides seem like secret entrances, while the front wall is made of glass with a folding door.

And as the mountains weren’t enough, there’s the Pacific Ocean in the horizon, conferring other stunning views, plus the ocean breeze that adds the cooling effect. There is nothing not to love about this, as it provides a perfect getaway in the middle of the nature.

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