The Waterfall House Gathers Contemporary And Masculine Elements


As there are so many innovative ideas in architecture that have been already used, architects have to come up with something new every time. The Waterfall House is definitely a success and its stunning appearance inhales a contemporary spirit and masculinity, mostly because of that cold grey we see in the inside and on the outside.

No wonder this house was conceived by a young business man. For some reason, I feel that’s a very appropriate home for a single man, with no strings attached. The total space of 3,600 square feet makes a statement, allowing plenty of room for large living room and kitchen and even a bar. For ambiance, the bar has a jukebox. It’s such a great place, it even makes you believe you’re somewhere downtown, enjoying a good drink in a good company.

So, that’s not just a home for relaxation, but for fun and living life at its best, too. At the first floor the waterfall starts dripping into the pool that’s on the ground. It’s a spectacular show and it totally gives a special thing to the house situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the end, it’s not just the name that makes the swimming pool the focus center.

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