The Urban Landscape From A Toronto Penthouse


Johnson Chou studio was the one to design the interior of a beautiful penthouse located in the Candy Factory Lofts in Toronto, Canada. The owner is a sportsman and wanted a home to combine the urban spirit with the landscape sense he enjoys. He got all that he requested, as the penthouse looks at superlative, with high ceilings and imposing elements such as bathroom chandeliers or spiral stairs that look like a bird cage.

The master bedroom takes the intimacy to the next level, hosting even a bathtub. Also, the floor in there is a sequel of the marble one in the bathroom, inspiring a cold white. But everything is being warmed up by a beautiful view to the downtown thanks to the large deck extension, providing dining and lounge areas for a whole new experience in this home. Perfect interior finishes and just the right amount of eye-catchy details contour this artistic penthouse.

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