The Sunny Holiday Villa Malimbu Cliff In Indonesia


Indonesia’s Lombok Island hosts a sunny holiday villa, Malimbu Cliff. The modern approach makes it very stylish and the simplicity, yet attention for details complete the airy. Four bedrooms, a kids bunk room, as well as the huge pool of 18 meters picture a relaxation mood, where white and grey enlighten the view even more, if that was still necessary, considering the beautiful panorama over the blue and green surroundings.

From the magnificent bathtub you can watch the sunset and the ocean while you nicely soak in water. Pretty much every space in this house is thought to have an opening to the beauties outside. From bedrooms and bathrooms to living rooms, the connection is made through big windows and even glass walls.

An exotic island retreat feeling hits you and you cannot picture yourself there doing anything else than enjoying all what’s offered.  And I praise the facilities of this contemporary villa. Each one of us would like a personal Malimbu Cliff, too, wouldn’t we?

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