The Purple House of Wales



The architect’s craftsmanship is entailed in the structure’s hystorical roots, in the rafined light combinations that the house itself renders showering the cave structure  through geometrical schemes, as the architect himself calls it. The light penetrates through corners and unconventional windows.  But the expressive architect, Antonio Cardillo explains:

“From dawn to dusk, its back light changes the sense of space and the perception of the forms: at midday it dims the bulkheads curving in the living room. The light perforates the trapezoidal apertures carved in the heavy walls; close to the ceiling, the light transmutes itself into rapid blades cut by a magnified brise-soleil. At sunset, however, the hall darkens. The parts, now obscured, counterpoint distant glares spread around and inside the hollowed-out base: below a burning cave, above a giant brazier glows into the vault. During the course of a solar day light and dark swap roles, interpreting the drama of an architecture monolithic and fragmentary, made of stone, cement and purple.”

Even though the  dwelling is mostly about the lost legacy of a Norman culture, once shared between Englend, and to some extend Wales, Ireland and Sicily,what caught our eyes was mainly the comination of light and darkness especially in a setting like the one of the rocky beaches of Pembroke shire County of Wales.

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