The Opulent Style Of Casa Son Vida 1 Captures All The Attention


Casa Son Vida 1 is a bold project by tecArchitecture and Marcel Wanders Studio, located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 8,500 square feet of incredible interior space, characterized by a sleek style, where luxury and sophistication capture anyone’s eyes. Mallorca is a gorgeous place, so the house needed to live up to the expectations. An example is the majestic pool. As the island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Casa Son Vida 1 seems like it’s flooded by all that amount of water spread on such big surface in the back of the house.

The architecture of the house is an innovative element, too. Take the exterior staircase as an example, as it looks like a spine. Also, on the exterior façade there are a lot of paintings and graphic designes that we would not expect. A giant zipped mouse doesn’t work pretty well with the luxury theme, does it? But that’s what makes this residence unique. Having a bold, opulent style, Casa son Vida cannot be easily missed.

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