The Apartment That Conquers Anyone With Its Charming Artistic Sense


Scandinavian influences can be recognized so easily in a home. And as always, a Swedish apartment can’t make us anything less than amazed by the attention for details and vibrant combination the designers choose. Today’s Swedish home reveals a themed apartment, where each room has its own inspiration.

Going from a chic vintage entrance hallway, to a modern kitchen opened towards the living room embellished with graphic art on the walls and leads, finally, to the children bedroom and master bedroom. The living room and master bedroom are really impressive, as they stand as glamorous rooms, made to feel the inhabitants like they’re some kind of royalty, seeing those long rich curtains or the chandeliers.

The color pallet remains in light shades, mostly, having though some accents of color on the purple carpet in the living room, children’s bedroom or the art on the wall. All these, plus a lovely attention for each decoration detail, bring this Swedish apartment to the standard of lovely family home.

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