Swedish Home With Bold Green Accents


Joyful and welcoming, this vacation home in Österlen, Sweden, was designed by the owners without making too many excesses. With strong green accents, they have animated the place and they have taken advantage of every corner of the house to create relaxation spaces.

In a home abounded by white, the exposed beams on the ceiling and the drops of color added, this Swedish home differentiates from any other. The simple style is embellished with old looking elements, such as the exterior brick façade, the fridge in the kitchen or the lamp in the bedroom.

The bathroom is another room to catch our attention, as the bathtub is hidden behind a white wood wall that does not open completely. For some, it might seem claustrophobic, but some will find this idea amazing. Just like the idea of having a nook by the window in the bedroom, using that narrow space that many would not know what to do with.

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