Superb House In Indonesia By TWS & Partners


8,600 square feet for a massive house in Indonesia – this sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? The home was conceived by TWS & Partners, it has only four bedrooms, but this is definitely compensated by the several courtyards offered, along with an impressive pool.

Each of the bedrooms is very spacious, culminating with the master bedroom that seems to be having the size of a small apartment. Here, a glass wall with sliding doors opens to the exterior, where wooden decks and a water feature makes the scenery look so exotic. When privacy is needed, the doors are closed, along with the colored curtains.

As mentioned, there are many courtyards and most of the interior rooms take advantage of them, by being open to them. This way, the designing elements needed are minimal, as the natural beauty surpasses any artifice. It results a modern flair with a lovely, almost exotic atmosphere.

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