Studio Osiris Hartman Designed A Stunning Modern Home

Studio Osiris Hartman has designed a very spacious modern home that although it is not very opulent, it has subtle elements that highlight the refined touches of the place. The public areas are divided in several spaces, having the living room as the main one. A gray resembling with the concrete from which the house is made of gives a little industrial feeling to the space, but that’s just in here, as the rest of the house plays with white, beige and black for the color of the walls and other textures.

The fireplace must be one of the central themes of the house, as there are at least four of them placed around (including one outside). A nice trick is played in the master bedroom, where the glass wall letting the natural light is blurred to confer more privacy. In the back of the house there is, of course, the swimming pool with sitting areas arranged nearby, but the wow factor is, in fact, the second pool, an indoor one.

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