Stockholm Penthouse Apartments With Incredibly High Ceilings


Having a very good location, in Vesastan, these Stockholm penthouse apartments are brand new and bring a nice invitation to a modern and chic lifestyle. Visible wood beams, wood staircase, a chimney with a little rustic approach, being combined with the look of a stove make the atmosphere warm and cozy in a place that owners can really call “at home”.

Not only the white of the walls brightens up the living room, but the 4.65 meters height ceiling which makes the space more airy. Also, their high position on top of an apartment building offers spectacular views over the city, as there is even a small balcony arranged for recreation.

As high as the ceiling may be in the living room, its size is dramatically reduced in the bedroom. Yet, it isn’t affected by that, as a simple and clean layout offers exactly what it is needed here: rest.

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