Southport Residence Offers A Contemporary Living Style


Located in a season town in England, Southport Residence is a beautiful project that was designed by BGD Architects. Tall ceilings, open spaces, lovely outdoor areas are some features that make this home so amazing. From the entrance, its modern architecture hits us. First, we see a beautiful stone wall and then the house rising tall and majestic.

In the back of the house there’s a superb mix of elements. The garden, with plenty of vegetation including some exotic plants, as well, has the swimming pool in the center. Another stone wall, this time located by the side of the pool, visually embellishes the landscape, especially with the little cascade that it is formed, with water pouring down from amongst the rocks.

The airy feeling of the inside is induced mostly by the open to outdoor spaces. The dining and living room seem to have an almost uninterrupted connection with the outside, as the sliding glass doors permit that.

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