Some Must-Do DIY Ideas That’ll Transform Your Bedroom Instantly

Whether you’re a dab hand at DIY or you just feel as though your bedroom needs a little TLC, there are some quick and easy ways to give this room a new lease of life. So if you want your bedroom to become a relaxing retreat that you can venture into at the end of a long, stressful day, look no further than our following DIY recommendations.                                  All you need is a touch of vision and all of the right tools from suppliers such as RS Components or any other number of qualified vendors.

Add a Headboard

A great way to create a feature of your bed is to fix a headboard to the wall. This allows you to inject a stylish touch to even the simplest of beds. Simply find some fabric that complements your existing décor and bedding and get to work covering a piece of board (adding a touch of padding underneath if possible). You can also add further design details with stud work, different colored threads, and ornate shapes.

Introduce Some Rustic Wall Art

For a wonderfully rustic touch that would look great above your bed (or that new headboard you’ve created), why not put together your own wooden artwork. Simply use old floorboards or other flat pieces of wood, fix them together and then stain them in the color of your choice. Finish by cutting out metal letters to spell a message, your initials or other cool patterns.

Create a Cool Bedside Table

Another way to transform your bedroom is to add new key pieces to it. A bedside table is a great starting point if you haven’t done much DIY before. All you’ll need is an old piece of furniture – don’t worry too much about the color of it but try to find something that you like the shape of. Then get to work painting or staining the wood to the color of your choice, distressing it with some sandpaper if you wish. Finally, to bring it to life, add some cute knobs to the drawers.

Build Added Storage and Wow Factor

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous or want to put your DIY skills to the test, why not have a go at making your own built-in shelves. Just find some rustic wood that you can knock together to create some cool shelving with different sizes of square and rectangular spaces. Then adorn these with funky accessories, pictures, plants, books, and other items to add a breathtaking finish to your room.

It really is that simple to add some fabulous new design features to your bedroom – and all in just one weekend!

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