Soho Penthouse Features A Stylish Design

When I say Soho penthouse, I say luxurious and stylish design.  And that pretty much summarizes the essence of all the apartments situated in Soho, New York. But let’s find out what makes this five bedrooms (possibly seven) bedrooms and four and a half baths place so special. For starter, the whole contemporary look, with powerful accents of red in the living room, kitchen and dining area, combined with dark wood furniture and floors are stunning.

With 12 foot height ceiling and many large windows letting the natural light in, there’s no need for visual effects, as the space really is very wide open, offering plenty of room to use. The two walk-in closets from the master suite would conquer any woman’s heart, while the bathroom covered in white marble invites for relaxation. A media room and office, plus another three bedrooms and two and a half bath are placed on this floor.

Walking upstairs on the marvelous staircase, we find the fifth bedroom and the fourth full bathroom, a media room ingeniously lit by the skylight, another office and a private deck on the roof, featuring a gas fireplace, an outdoor kitchen and dining room, and plenty of seats to enjoy the green decor created.

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