Small And Chic Summer House By Ad Design


A black and white palette for a summer house? Who would have thought that this was going to work? Apparently, Ad Design Studio trusted this austere coloristic recipe and applied it on one of its project, a summer house of only 60 square meters, situated on a lake.

The all white living room is spacious, with few colorful accents inserted through the carpet and several pillows. Having a double height ceiling and numerous floor to ceiling windows really make the room open up, appearing very bright. In the continuation, there’s the dining room, the living area standing between it and the kitchen. From the living room, a beautiful wooden stair accesses the upper level.

The bedroom is a simple room, with a little desk arranged next to the window, for maximum of natural light. It looks like the designers have had an affinity for hiding things, as the closet is an entire wall, almost unnoticeable, just like the kitchen cabinets.

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