Sixteen Doors House In The Middle Of Upstate New York Forest


That’s New York, if you wonder. And yes, in the North of New York, a beautiful landscape of forest can be found. Here, a lovely project by Incorporated Studio rises, fitting the scenery perfectly and almost blending with the picture that nature offers. Sixteen Doors residence is a house covered with wood on the exterior, with wooden deck on which very rustic wood table and wood chairs can be used to enjoy the view. So, there’s wood, wood and once again wood. The architecture is very plain and nothing surprises and yet, it’s the simplicity that makes it look so good.

A cozy atmosphere on the inside, with detailing to remember the theme of the house gives the feeling you’re at home. Some would think the interior is just too crowded, but that’s what makes it look personal. Designers were not afraid of colors, using them with confidence in their successful trying of making the place more energetic. Bedrooms with views to the forest inspire something modern, while living room and the open kitchen remain as a continuation centered on nature.

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