Single Family Home In The Cabin Log


Home in the Log Cabin is a 1,291 square foot single house, situated in Kharkov, Ukraine. The project was completed in 2011 by Ukrainian studio Ryntovt Design and overall it is meant to inhale the family warmth and comfort. The house has two levels. At the ground floor we find the living area where many wood insertions in the floors, furniture and walls brighten up the dirty white color of the painted walls, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a guest bedroom.

Going up the beautiful wood staircase is a delight, the elegant steps hiding small storage units. Also, beneath it there’s space for objects to be displayed, but it could also make a great bookcase. Upstairs there are the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom. A little piece of nature is tried to be brought in each room, like the grass wallpapers or the curtains having tree branches imprinted on them.

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