Royal Penthouse With Beachfront Views


The royal blue contrasting the light colors of the walls, furniture, curtains and decoration entitled this project the Royal Penthouse, designed by Coco Republic Interior Design studio. The neutral palette and the blue accents refer to the coastal environment where the three bedroom penthouse is situated, on Newcastle Beach, Australia. The ambiance is soften by the fine materials. Stone, timber, jute, all these make a strong connection with the surroundings.

You would think a fireplace doesn’t belong in this picture, but it definitely completes the sublime look of the living room and penthouse itself. Every room is a mix to offer comfort and functionality. The Royal Penthouse is a place to build memories, as there are shelves in the living room, to keep family photographs and artworks.

The air is very contemporary, yet everything is timeless, so it doesn’t feel like old over the years. And the wonderful view outside, to the beach, always gets you excited to be there.

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