Remodeled Loft On 46 Water Street Heritage Building


In Vancouver, Canada, in the historic Gastown district, a building was restored by Omer Arbel. This implied a new interior design project for a loft, transforming it into a completely new one, very chic, with modern influences, yet, the heritage elements popping.

The powerful blue of the couch in the living room makes a perfect visual impact with the brown brickwork of the walls. Floor and chairs are covered in fur and it’s just the perfect cozy place to hang out in the home. The white kitchen with yellow chairs is separated from the living and dining room through glass sliding doors.

The same idea of transparency is used for the bathroom, leading to the bedroom through a wall glass. Not the best choice for bashful people that might get intimidated by all these exposure. A young spirit would find its home in here, for. History meets contemporary on 46 Water Street Heritage Building.

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