Ranch House – 20,450 Square Feet For Big Family Reunions


Influenced by the countryside area, near Sao Paolo, Brazil, where this home is located, the Ranch House preserves a conservatory style, with lots of vintage influences in the furniture, especially and a contemporary design meant to counterbalance the rest. The designers were Galezzo Design and many types of wood – such as bamboo –  and stone were the primary materials used to create a welcoming environment.

The space is huge. With about 20,450 square feet of space, the Ranch House is thought to serve as a link for the generations of a big family, brought together in this amazing space. And not only this is its purpose, as the many facilities created serve as a perfect way of bond and spend time doing relaxing and enjoyable activities.

To this end, the house was divided in three sections, each delimiting the spa area (consisting of dry sauna, massage room, steam room, gym, heated pool and spa, Turkish bath), the outdoor and indoor external areas including a restaurant for up to 100 people and the private area with 7 suites and for the guests, an annex.

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