The Queenscliff House Is A Dream Home Near The Ocean


I don’t know about what others consider as being the most important aspect when moving in a new house, maybe it’s the design, proportions, location or others. For me, everything gravitates around the surroundings and views, as I consider nature as being the love of my life. The Queenscliff House from Sydney, Australia, is a residence that holds everything I could wish for from a home: it’s situated on the edge of a cliff, 100 meters above the ocean. Even if it sits on a tight 210 square meters spot, the team from Utz Sanby Architects made the most of the available space, the result being a modern looking, spacious home which also provides a garden and some spectacular views.

The structure has a weird looking, wedge shape which distinguishes the house from the other neighborhood homes. The interior of the house has a modern and welcoming design which is enhanced by the big windows and large glass openings that provide a lot of natural lighting, not to mention the splendid views. The home is energy efficient and nature friendly, having some big sub-floor tanks of rainwater which is used for washing clothes, watering the garden or toilet flushing. The concrete floors and masonry walls offer thermal mass. The hydronic under-floor heating fights bravely with the winter coldness.

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