Plumbing System Maintenance: 4 Tips to Help Things Flow Smoothly

The very first flush style toilet was invented in 1596 but did not gain widespread popularity until 1851. For most people, it’s difficult to imagine a time when indoor plumbing did not exist; however, this was the case just over a century ago. Today, the convenience of indoor showers, toilets, and even sinks is often overlooked and taken for granted – unless of course, something has gone wrong and things aren’t working as they should. The good news is, most plumbing components can avoid the need for repairs and services from a plumber Sydney if they are properly maintained. Some helpful maintenance tips for your home’s plumbing system can be found here.

1. Look for Leaks

Any leak found in your pipes or plumbing is something that you should never ignore. Even if it is an extremely small leak, it can lead to serious issues and expensive repairs if it’s left untreated. Experts suggest that homeowners check for leaks inside of their home at least once a month. To do this, simply inspect shower heads and faucets, as well as the pipes that are under counters and sinks. Be sure to also check the outside water faucets, as well as the water heater when looking for leaks. Not only do leaks present a potential hazard, but they can also drive up water costs significantly.

2. Be Careful About What’s Going Down the Drain

A slow moving or clogged drain is extremely frustrating. Not only that, but this issue can cause serious damage to the plumbing system, as well as the pipes. A great way to help reduce a clog is by being extremely careful about what’s sent down the drain. For example, in the bathroom, make sure that no wipes, diapers or personal products are flushed. In the kitchen, make sure that things like oil and grease are never sent down the drain into the sink. Over time, this can congeal and become extremely hard. Another tip is to make sure that no food is sent down the drain, either – even if there is a garbage disposal installed. If the drains are moving slow, then it’s best to call a plumber for help before it gets totally blocked.

3. Get the Main Sewer Line Cleaned

This is the pipe that is connected to the home and that leads out to the sewer system. This is the pipe that takes all of the waste out of the household and disposes of it. If this main line happens to get blocked or clogged, serious issues may arise, such as sewage backing into the house. A simple method to help minimize the risk of this type of issue is to have it cleaned by the professionals from time to time. By hiring a plumber to clear out this mainline, you can feel confident that the types of backups that occur will be eliminated.

4. Pipe Insulation

If there is a chance that the temperature is going to fall under the freezing point, then it’s imperative to take action and ensure the pipes don’t freeze. For most homeowners, using a plumber’s tape with thermal insulating features will help to keep the pipe from freezing when it is really cold. If pipes do happen to freeze, the likelihood of them bursting is high, which can be an expensive repair.

If you want to protect your home’s plumbing system and minimize issues and the need for repairs, then be sure to use the maintenance tips here. They will help safeguard the plumbing system from some of the most common issues that may occur.

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