ParametriX Kitchen Comes With A Futuristic Blast


Welcome to the future! ParametriX kitchen that was designed by Geometrix Design, for a Russian family in Moscow, looks like it’s in the wrong century. Don’t get me bad, the concept is very interesting and catchy and it is certainly a unique kitchen. The photos below talk for themselves.

Yet the black and white contrast predominates, we see some warm colors embellishing the place. Adding the cushion seat next to the window, coziness is guaranteed in this kitchen. More, the ambient is created by green or violet lights above the bar, giving the impression that you are not in your own home, or, at least, not in an ordinary kitchen.

A completely new concept of a modern kitchen gets beyond what we could have expected. The comfort is not compromised and the visual impact is strong. I bet that lucky family owning this has one interesting experience in the kitchen day after day.

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