Old Meets New At La Branche, A Residence Designed By DMOA Architecten


If you generally prefer modern home designs, but also enjoy traditional touches, my guess is that you’ll like La Branche, a residential project developed by the Belgian firm DMOA Architecten for a family and their four children. The house is situated in Heverlee, Belgium, and offers 7,050 square feet of living surfaces. The structure originally was a hunters rest cabin and has received some impressing improvements, looking classic on the outside, but very elegant and modern on the inside.

The cocktail between old and new reminds us about the home’s past through its exterior, which is defined by brick walls, and fits the family’s needs by having a comfortable and welcoming design on the interior. Although it may seem a little sober for some, the large floor to ceiling glass walls take care of this and allow the place to be bathed in natural light, this way warming the atmosphere and enhancing the living spaces.

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