Nautica Vista Is The Typical Dream Home


Nautica Vista is the kind of spectacular residence that remains in your mind after standing in awe while checking it out from the pictures. Just imagine how it must be to actually live in it. Well, for starters, you would’ve had to have $4.7 million last year, in June, as that when it was sold for that “puny” amount of money. Anyways, the residence has been developed by architect Loren Harms and rests in British Colombia, looking upon the Okanagan Lake, thus offering some outstanding panoramic views to its inhabitants.

The views aren’t the only ones that deserve to be called “outstanding”, as the house itself is some impressive piece of architecture that remarks itself for its high quality features, stylish furniture and beautiful design. It consists in 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a media room, an office, wine cellar, kitchen, dining, garage and more. Oh, and I mustn’t forget about the relaxation areas, such as the infinity swimming pool, steam room, spa and gym. The garden is also rich in features, having an outdoor kitchen, a zen area, hot tub, fireplace, bar and so on. The overall project is embraced by elegance and luxury, see for yourself by checking it out from the pictures.

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