Nature Dictated The House Surrounded By Pohutukawa Trees


It was a beautiful challenge for Herbst Architects to build a house among a multitude of mature pohutukawa trees. The space was really crowded, so they had to sacrifice a couple of trees that were reused for the exterior to cover the garage and the bedroom. Otherwise, the limitations of nature guided the architects in every step of the construction. The result is fabulous, as the home manages to fit in the décor perfectly.

It looks naturally, like humans didn’t touch the scenery and the house was supposed to be there. Walls of glass and the part of the roof made from the same material offer an incredible view outside, as you get the feeling that trees bend over you. The wood interior maintains the basic concept of the house. Not only on the furniture, wood invades floors, walls, even the roof and the atmosphere is being warmed up with a fire place, to conclude it in an epic way.

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