Multiplo Furniture Transforms Into Everything You Need

It’s a bed! No, it’s a sofa or an easy chair. Oh, wait, it’s a table! Or maybe a bedside? Well, it’s everything you want it to be and much more. In the category of modular furniture, today we include the fascinating Multiplo Furniture created by the Italian designers at Hey Team. Especially thought to solve the usual problems people have when they confront with space lacking, Multiplo Furniture is simple, versatile and it fits everywhere.

It’s up to each person what they’re going to do with this incredible modular object. And the beauty is you don’t have to decide once and for all. It can be a soft bed at night and a cozy sofa during the day or it can transform into a great square area for hanging out with the guests, for example. The options are almost endless and it all depends on each person’s needs, space and imagination.

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