Mnemba Island Lodge Is The Secluded Paradise In The Indian Ocean


As the summer has quickly ended, the fall takes its rights. No more heat, no more pool days, unless you live somewhere where summer is present all year round. If not, we can all dream about a vacation in a place like that, such as this African island presented here today. Mnemba Island Lodge has only ten guest cottages.

The privilege of being a private island means that it is an exclusive destination, kept for the use of only few other people besides you. It is easy to believe that this could easily transform into a very romantic destination.

Being located in the wonderful Indian Ocean and surrounded by a secluded landscape, Mnemba Island Lodge promises to offer the holiday of a lifetime. The beach is, practically, deserted, so you have it all at your feet. As for the lodge facilities, from lounging in the shadow of an exotic shelter to dining right near the ocean, everything is possible.

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