Magnificent Maafushivaru Island Resort In Maldives


Maldives’ resources seem to be unlimited. Maafushivaru is another luxury island resort that takes our eyes with its sublime views and inviting facilities. Or another place we would like to refuge, in our trying of complete relaxation and disconnection from the real world. The Maldivian architecture is kept, having stylish elements which make it look so chic.

In here, the library lounge and the water bar have sand floor, so that guests are invited to walk barefoot. The design of the villas is simple, in white and wood, but that is no problem, because it actually emphasizes the uniqueness of the outdoor landscape. The ocean is visible from any of the villas, so that in every morning, each guest can enjoy the blue water views. Very close to the beach there are wood decks and swimming pool arranged, so that the guests can easily change the scenery.

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