Luxury Feels Like A Fantastic Pool With A Waterfall


This is an exercise against stress and any kind of bad condition you might be having at the moment. Take a good look at the pictures below, imprint them in your mind and close your eyes. Imagine you’re at the Old Lion Manor, where a beautiful and imposing pool awaits for you. Yes, that’s a pool, if you’re wondering and no, that’s not a natural waterfall. Guys who projected all these made a great job, so you can feel in the middle of wilds and not in sunny California, US.

Now, you’re sitting on the terrace and you’re watching the spectacular pool that shows in front of your eyes. For men, the women you see in the water… she’s just a sculpture. As well for the lady tanning a little bit closer, sorry! You enjoy the spa facilities, take a swim, let the waterfall drop on you and, why not, relocate your relaxing spot in the cave.

Accept a massage in the massage room, play chess using life-size pieces, taste everything you find in the wine cellar and invite 27 friends to watch a good movie in the 28-seat theater. How does luxury feel? You could get used to all there, couldn’t you? Well, open your eyes now and go back to work!

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