Luxurious Residence By SHH Studio: The West London House


The West London house by SHH studio is what happens when luxury, style and elegance meet and decide to settle in together in a generous space. This formula comes close to perfection and a single-family is the lucky one to enjoy its offerings. The residence is an old Victorian building which consisted in four flats that were purchased one by one by the current owner and transformed into a contemporary single family home. The house holds five stories which feature, among others, seven bedrooms and an underground level dedicated to relaxation which features a pool, cinema room, spa, gym, sauna, playroom, bathrooms and more. This home has everything that involves leisure well packed and ready for offering a lovely experience to its inhabitants. The spacious rooms have high ceilings and an impressive design, being defined only by high-quality furnishings and luxurious fittings. Traditional elements mix with sophisticated ones, creating a modern appearance that commemorates the home’s past.

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