Lovely Home Decor With Small Red Accents


This lovely decor we present here today is nothing less than stunning. Focusing on a bedroom and its bathroom, we see how well each piece merges with the rest. The small accents of red combine perfectly with the vintage decor pieces and with the classic furniture from this charming bedroom. The whole atmosphere is completed by the lovely bathroom designed in white and beige with the bathtub and sink bringing a drop of elegance and style to the interior.

High ceilings seem to be making the place visually larger and some of the accents that make the place seem cozy, warm and welcoming are the blankets thrown on the bed and armchair and the light white curtains diffusing the natural light. It looks very feminine and would definitely be an oasis of relaxation for any lady. But that’s just until we reach the bathroom. A nice bathtub, roses, candles and a beautiful view on the window make the perfect end of the day.

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