Love Tiles Showroom by Ana Antunes In Lisbon, Portugal

The photo gallery makes you believe that two very chic apartments unfold before your eyes, but the reality is so different, as it’s just a trick and nothing more, all being part of the Love tiles last year’s showroom in Lisbon. Ana Antunes, a Portuguese home designer, was in charge of this project she named the “LoveLy Residence”, which meant to display the 2012 collection of tiles incorporated in a familiar decor.

And this was no problem for the designer, choosing to project not one, but two apartments. As she says, the first one, situated on the right side, inhales the sophistication of a middle age couple, while the second one, on the left side, goes hand in hand with the personality of a cool design younger couple.

Both apartments have very different approaches, but my girlie nature makes me fall irremediably in love with the middle age couple’s bedroom in lilac tones, having one of the cutest closets I have ever seen, regardless the limited space.

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