A Lakeside Home Is A Family’s Dream Come True


The team of designers from Robert Bailey Interiors has made a family’s dream come true when creating a home that matches with their tastes and grants their wish to live in a home on the shore of Lake Okanagan, a place where they spent numerous vacations. The residence has been made for being as practical as it gets and features a simplistic design that is dominated by the presence of wood, so we have French oak floors, ceilings and even walls. In this way, the interior of the home blends in with its exterior and also with the natural environment. As the home stands in the proximity of a lake, it’s understandable that its inhabitants will spend most of their days swimming, cycling and all that, so the chosen materials are pre-distressed, being prepared if the family members drag equipment in and out or run around with their feet covered in sand. The cheerful home is provided with large glass openings which provide a lot of natural light and allow its inhabitants to admire the splendid views.

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