La Grande Vue 5A Is Another SAOTA Masterpiece


La Grande Vue 5A Residence is another design masterpiece by SAOTA in collaboration with OKHA Interiors. The sculptural architecture is located in Cape Town, South Africa and hosts two apartments. The sea views from below are perfectly framed inside thanks to the easy connection made with the outdoor spaces. Levels help creating even more stunning views, conferring height for a more panoramic perspective.

The living area has a special charm at night, when the city lights from below, the diffuse artificial lighting and the burning fireplace and candles set on the open terrace. By day, the dynamic is completely changed, a more sober feeling installing there.

But no matter what time it is, the bedroom has always an unchangeable romantic approach, with white fluid curtains blown by the breeze and the sea right under the eyes. And its bathroom with the crystal beads hanging above the sinks brings the idea that elegance come from where you least expect.

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