Kuaotunu Beach House For Perfect Holidays


Turn the holiday button on as you watch the photos below, illustrating the Kuaotunu Beach House. Renovated by Crosson Clarke Carnachan architects, the house still preserves important parts of the family’s history that used to spend their holidays there. The ocean view is extraordinary and, centered on the pretty nature landscape outside, it was created this freedom spirit.

Inhabitants don’t feel constrained by the four walls supposedly surrounding them, as there is no front entry. The deck outside disconnects from the rest of the home, in a great attempt to make you believe you’re somewhere in the middle of the nature and not next to an urban living. Sliding glass walls reinforce the idea of no boundaries between the inside and outside.

The interior design is as well chosen to inhale the ease mood the view offers, too. A practical, comfortable and heavenly staying during the holidays, enjoying every little thing the house and surroundings have to offer is enough to recharge your batteries for a full year.

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