The Jardin Del Sol Residence Offers Some Heavenly Views


Even if I know that the following description and photos will pull a few sighs from you, it’s really worth your 2 minutes of reading, watching and admiring. I’m talking about the Jardin del Sol residence designed by the team from CA+A Architects in 2003, located in Tacoronte, Spain. The most important thing about it is that it sits on the edge of a 300 meters cliff above a beach, thus offering some jaw dropping views of the coast of Tenerife. The large residence features a minimalistic design, allowing the unmatched beauty of the sights to be the only element worthy of your attention and admiration. Anyway, let’s at least try and ignore them only for a little while and take a look on the inside.

The home features some spacious bedrooms, an area which holds the kitchen and living room, some utility spaces and a basement which holds a fitness room that allows you to view the pool through a glass wall. The exterior and interior feature an exposed granulated concrete finish and are defined by the huge glass walls which offer the pleasure of admiring the spectacular views. There isn’t pretty much anything that you can possibly wish for more when having the pleasure of living in such a wonderful place – maybe a place in Heaven, but even that would stand pretty close to this charming residence, if you ask me.

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