Is Buffy the Softest Comforter in the World?

Sleep is necessary not just for the beauty aspect that ladies want to push for; but also because it is healthy and keeps our concentration levels high. Our parents knew that and forced us to go to bed early on school nights but even as adults, too much fatigue can have negative repercussions. It is therefore paramount that everyone, from newborn babies to the elderly, gets a good night’s rest. Apart from a comfortable mattress and pajamas, the other most important thing to help in the resting cause is comfortable covering which comes in many forms such as blankets and comforters. The market is awash with so many comforters, and it can be a challenge to get the right one for you. However, once you have tried Buffy, there is no going back to any other comforter and here are a few reasons to convince you.


When Leo Yang, who comes from a family that has been in the business of making beddings for two generations, set out to create a unique product, he decided to use a different material. His family sold duvets whose filling was duck and goose downs, and Leo Yang sought to be more animal-friendly and eco-friendly. Leo, therefore, went ahead to fill his product with spun recycled plastic water bottles but his ambition to have a plant-based comforter saw him push even further. He settled on eucalyptus but modified the bedding due to the negative reviews from customers who said the filling shifted all over ending up out of place.

Leo decided to liquefy and spin the eucalyptus into threads that were as smooth as silk. Unfortunately, that did not solve the problem; the eucalyptus ended up being identical in length and width, unlike the animal downs which were irregular hence helped to retain the comforter’s shape. The production, therefore, went ahead to experiment on the best way forward. They came up with the process of liquefying eucalyptus and controlling the manufacturing process such that the fibers are of different lengths and widths to lock them in place, preventing the filling from shifting around the comforter.


You may wonder why babies’ clothes and blankets are so cozy, but once you see how soundly they fall asleep, you will have the answers to your questions. Buffy rhymes with “fluffy” for a reason. Buffy is cotton-candy soft and sleeping under it will have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud. The comforter is made such that it is light to aid in your efforts of resting; heavy blankets add to your fatigue and will keep you awake with discomfort. With a comforter described as silky soft and finer than eyelashes, you might want to get yourself one of these Buffy comforters.


You do not want to disturb your sleep with rustling noises. When you move in Buffy, it barely makes any noise making it perfect for even the lightest of sleepers.

Temperature control

Some comforters will have you waking up in a sweat with all the warmth they give you. Others will do nothing for warmth and will instead make you add another blanket in an attempt to keep yourself warm in the cold of the night. Buffy has the ultra-breathable fabric that ensures it keeps the temperatures bearable, whether in the summer or winter. Besides, its outer layer is lyocell, which is 100% natural textile made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. With eucalyptus, you can rest assured that no summer heat will keep you awake as it wicks away any moisture with the breathable fabric.


Dirt is a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and pests. Buffy is not only the softest comforter but also guarantees that you do not have to deal with mites, mildew, and bacteria by being machine washable; a feature that also helps to save on your dry cleaning expenses. So, even though it comes in white, you do not have to take desperate measures to keep it clean.

Final Verdict

Buffy has so many attributes that would make you want to order several, but the most attractive feature is the softness it extends to users. We all want to sleep like babies and with Buffy; the feeling of sleeping on clouds is real.

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