An Impressive Project Defined By Glass: The Water Mill House By 1100 Architects


The team from 1100 Architects have designed and completed a very interesting and impressive project that is known as the Water Mill Houses. The residence is located in Water Mill, New York, USA and is embraced by fifteen acres of green land. The property consists in several structures: the main residence, a guest house, pool house, bunk and the garage.

Of course, the main house is the most intriguing from the group and has a strategically chosen spot. Being the most important of them all, it rests on the highest part of the site and thus offers the most wonderful views over the beautiful greenery and looks upon the shoreline from the roof top terrace. Glass is the element that dominates the home, as you’ll see for yourself in the pictures. Being practically a glass-house, the residence has its interior bathed in natural light. The beautiful natural surroundings delight the inhabitants while they’re staying indoors and not on the chic and comfortable terraces. The pool & guest houses are also made from glass, matching with the main residence. Even though the feeling of transparency is strong, there are private areas for satisfying the need of intimacy. The surrounding trees also provide some protection from distant curious eyes.

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