Impressive Luxury Apartment In Poland


The first time you see this amazing luxury apartment in Poland is the moment when you remain completely speechless. Located in the Polish Sea Towers skyscrapers, it must be the imposing posture of the building that had to be reflected on the interior, as well. Mainly, the living room looks out of this world. A big flat screen TV occupies almost an entire wall, with a modern fireplace appearing just beneath, its flames looking perfect on the glazed black background.

Lights seem like a focus point. The black carpet seems to be lit, having small white spots on it and also the lighting object hanging above the living room has one unique shape that catches all the attention. Colorful LED lights change completely the atmosphere, making the sleek white reflect so beautiful in the green or purple shades of diffuse light.

Window seats arranged with comfty pillows in each room make the perfect relaxation spots, having the world unfolded underneath the inhabitant’s feet, the apartment being placed on a high floor.

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