How To Prevent Your Backyard Shed From Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb

Is your garage overflowing with stuff? Do you have a hobby that requires a bunch of tools and outdoor supplies that won’t fit inside? While a shed is the perfect solution, it can often change the look of your backyard. Knowing how to make it blend in can give you the benefits without the aesthetic drawbacks.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard Shed

For many people, the garage serves as the primary collection point for tools, power equipment, outdoor toys, sporting gear, car maintenance supplies, and even rarely used household supplies and holiday decorations. Unfortunately, this much stuff makes it nearly impossible to park vehicles or walk around in the space. As a result, the garage becomes an eyesore and evolves into a rather useless space.

If this sounds familiar to you, then a backyard shed could prove helpful. Depending on the size, type, and placement, a backyard shed can be used as a workshop, storage area for tools and equipment, hobby area, or place for long-term storage of things like Christmas decorations and outdoor toys that only get used during the warmer months.

The biggest problem with storage sheds is that they don’t always look great. They can mess up the appearance of your yard, block sightlines, or frustrate neighbors and HOAs that want everything to be uniform. But who says a backyard shed has to stick out like a sore thumb? There are plenty of ways to obscure a shed, make it look more natural, or spruce up the appearance.

Let’s check out some of the best tips and ideas:

1.Take Sightlines Into Account

Before picking or placing a shed, go inside your house and look out into the backyard from any main living area where you spend a lot of time. For many people, this will be a living room window or window above the kitchen sink. If you aren’t crazy about the idea of staring at a shed all day, you’ll want to keep it out of these main sightlines. Depending on the size and contour of your backyard, this may or may not be possible.

You also want to be a courteous neighbor and think about the homes around you. If your backyard backs up to someone else’s house, try not to plop a shed down in an area that’s going to detract from their yard. You can’t always satisfy your neighbors, but don’t do anything to frustrate them purposefully. Nothing good comes from a miserable or unhappy neighbor.

2. Be Strategic With Shed Materials/Style

Sheds have improved in both functionality and design over the years. Be sure to pay attention to the latter aspect. Shop around for outdoor storage sheds and work with suppliers who offer several design options. For example, eCanopy carries everything from simple lean-tos to sheds that mimic the siding on your actual house. The more purposeful you are with the design, the less it’ll stand out.

3. Use Landscaping to Hide the Shed

Landscaping can be used to your advantage to hide or camouflage a shed. Not only can you paint the shed an earth tone – such as brown, beige, green, or white – but you can also plant privacy shrubs and trees along the perimeter. Over time, these shrubs may completely hide the shed.

4. Make it a Feature

Over the past few years, the idea of “man sheds” and “she sheds” have become popular. And though they have fancy names, they’re really just basic garden sheds that have been spruced up. Why not make your backyard shed a feature?

Consider installing a window and adding a real door. Perhaps you can plant flowers and create a little porch. Could you surround the entrance with flowerbeds? There are plenty of options.

Don’t Underestimate the Backyard

A lot of homeowners will just plop down a shed in their backyard without giving it much thought. But the truth is that the backyard is one of the more critical components of a home’s aesthetic appeal and value. Before putting a shed in the middle of your yard, take some time to think about its appearance, function, and placement. In most cases, you can make the shed blend in with minimal effort.

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