How To Offer Financing to Customers as a Contractor

Home renovation projects are one of the biggest purchases the average person will make in their lifetime, and most people don’t have spare change floating around to fund such undertakings. Even emergency repairs like roof replacement or new flooring after a flood could leave a homeowner struggling to come up with adequate cash. As a contractor, understanding and resolving this quandary will greatly benefit your business. If you’re able to offer financing options for your customers, you’ll close more deals and attract more customers to your business. Because when customers aren’t worried about how they’ll pay for their home remodel, they’re much more willing to move forward with the project.

Benefits For Your Business

Contractors who offer payment and financing options will be more competitive than other businesses on the market. They’ll even sell bigger projects and find customers open to higher quality materials. They’ll increase closing rates and have fewer cancellations. Clearly, financing is a win for the contractor. But what about your customers?

Benefits For Your Customers

Customers often feel overwhelmed when making decisions about their home renovation projects. Costs can become a hindrance to making their dreams come true, and they may have to compromise to fit the budget. But financing allows customers to make decisions more quickly and gets the job started faster. With Same-As-Cash loan payment options from companies like EnerBank, customers can avoid interest and monthly payments for up to 24 months. They’ll be relieved of a major financial burden and be free to purchase the renovation they’ve hoped for.

How It Works

By partnering with a loan program, you can choose the loan options you want to offer your customers, including Same-As-Cash loans, reduced-interest loans, zero-interest loans, or traditional installment loans. There are no risks when partnering with a loan program since you’ll avoid any penalty, even if the borrower defaults on their loan. Contacts do not face any upfront pricing or contractor application fees, making it a no-brainer to help your company close more sales. You’ll receive thorough training and a support team to help customers find the right loan for their home renovation. Once the loan is approved, you’ll quickly be paid in full and be able to get to work on the project.

Qualify For a Loan Program Today

More than half of home improvements that cost $5,000 or more are financed every year in America. Don’t miss out on these opportunities by not offering easy financing for your customers. Financing for contractors customers has never been easier than when you choose Same-As-Cash loans or other similar options. So if you’re a contractor wondering how you can offer home improvement financing to your customers, consider enrolling in a loan program. You’ll give your customers more payment options and be able to increase sales overall. Try it today and see how your company benefits.

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