How to Clean Oriental Rugs the Right Way

Oriental rugs are very beautiful and make your homes appear bright, however they get dirty easily from food spills, pet urine, pet stools and dust from our shoes. Rugs wear out quickly when dirt builds up in them. Cleaning the rugs is a great issue especially if you have never done it before. If rugs are not cleaned in the right way, their beautiful color can fade away. Cleaning of rugs can be done at home or by a professional depending on the size and material of the rug as well as severity of stains. Small rugs can be cleaned at home while large rugs are best cleaned by a professional. You can also take severely stained rugs to a professional. You can clean an oriental rug by following these procedures;

Identify a Flat Surface

A flat surface is best to clean your rug. You can use your garage floor or preferably outside on a drive way during a sunny day. Clean the surface by sweeping it .This minimizes the chances of staining your rug by the dirt found on the surface. Spread the rug on the surface.

1. Vacuum Both Sides of the Rug

Vacuum the rug slowly to lift most of the dirt and debris from the rug. Flip the rug and do the same thing on the other side of the rug. Do this repeatedly to remove as much dirt as possible.

2. Spray the Rug with Cold Water

Wet the rug using running cold water preferably from a garden hose. You can do this for a few minutes until the rug is saturated with water. Cold water is used because it does not interfere with the dyes.

3. Prepare a Soap Solution in a Bucket

Add a mild liquid soap to a gallon of cold water in a bucket. You then mix them thoroughly to form a soap solution. You can use rug shampoo as well. You should avoid strong detergents like ammonia water because they wash away the dyes in the rug.

4. Test the Solution by Cleaning a Small Part of the Rug

You should first clean a small part of the carpet to test the effects of the solution. Some solutions wash away the dye on the carpet. If the dye on the carpet is not affected then proceed to use the solution.

5. Clean the Rest of the Rug

Using firm non-shedding sponge, brush the rug firmly with linear motions in the direction of its edges .Do not scrub vigorously to minimize wearing of the rug. Scrub the fringes using a laundry brush to remove the deep dirt.

6. Rinse your Rug

Using a garden hose, rinse the rug with running cold water. Rinse the rug till there is no more soap on both sides of the rug.

7. Squeeze Out Excess Water

You should use a rubber window squeegee to squeeze excess water in the rug. Squeegee the rug until no more water is forced water.

8. Lay the Rug Flat to Dry

Lay the rug on a flat surface preferably outside to dry. Remember to flip your rug on both sides so that it can dry faster. Bad odor means that the rug did not dry completely. Most rugs are usually stiff when they dry. You can lightly vacuum them to reduce the stiffness.

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