M House By Marcel Luchian Studio


Marcel Luchian is a young and promising Moldavian architect. Today we present you the house that has become his signature house so far – M House, located somewhere in Moldova, in the town of Singera. But location has nothing to do with this superb example of modernness, this sublime architecture combining concrete and glass, competing with some of the top projects by famous and respected architects.

Searching to give the best perspectives over the city, it resulted a unique shape by overlapping rectangles. The interior stays minimalistic, concentrating of making the spaces bright by using a light color palette and by letting the sunlight in through the large floor to ceiling windows strategically placed to the south, east and west.

The exterior area remains as simple as the interior. A swimming pool occupies mostly of the back yard, continuing with a concrete deck which offers lounging seats for hot days of summer.

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