House In The Trees – A Retreat For Children


Every one of us dreamed about having a house in the trees. Unfortunately, only few were lucky enough to have it, so this post isn’t just for parents, but for dreamers, as well. Situated in Catalonia, Spain, this tree house is a beautiful refuge for kids to play. Although it’s more girlie, I think boys and girls could have fun at the same intensity, because being up in a tree organized as a small home just for them in an incredible feeling.

Inside the house there’s a bed surrounded by a mosquito net as a must for the insects flying around. The interior is just like a children’s room, filled with toys, colorful elements and small pieces of furniture, suitable for their growing stature. It’s so nice that it has even a bathroom in a corner of the room, being kept in private with a shower curtain.

The truck of the tree is in the middle of the room, reminding its location, the natural light enters generously and the mountain view makes everything even more special. Now, that’s a retreat for children!

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