A Gorgeous Mulholland Drive Estate Offers Luxury And Splendid Views


Prepare yourself for a little day dreaming, as I’m going to say a few things about a gorgeous estate from Mulholland Drive, in the Hollywood Hills. The location speaks for itself: this lovely piece of architecture offers some stunning views of the coast and the city, which looks wonderful especially in the night-time, having all its lights sparkle, looking like something magic. All of the panoramic views that can be admired from here are simply spectacular, so I would definitely buy this only for that if I had $7.825 million to spare. But wait ‘till you get inside!

Even when stepping in, your attention will seek windows for admiring the jaw-dropping views, so the design is focused on making you observe the luxury and beauty from the inside and inevitably fall in love with it. The interior holds some very generous spaces that include 3 bedrooms with a master suite and walking closet, a living, a family room, three bathrooms, a spacious kitchen and more. Being a musical person, I very much appreciate that this luxurious and stylish estate features support for stereo surround and sound. As the surroundings are magnificent, the interior is separated from the exterior through an almost invisible line which consists in some huge sliding glass panels.

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