Get Lost In The Magnificient Misool Eco Resort


Here’s a total new exotic experience, in the Misool Eco Resort, situated in Indonesia, on a private island, hidden in an archipelago where there are only uninhabited islands. The crystal clear water surrounds the eight cottages and each has a hammock on the veranda. It’s crazy how easy it is reaching the sea.

The cottages are created to offer the best accommodation, characterized by comfort, privacy and relaxation. Guests can enjoy open bathrooms, hot or cold showers and a handmade décor, with beautiful furnishings and fine touches. In the spirit of the generous nature, for the building of this resort there were not cut down trees and there was used only reclaimed wood, which is totally admirable.

To complete the luxurious experience offered so far by Misool Eco Resort, diving facilities convince even the ones that haven’t been sure yet about this place. It may be a catch, though: $4,762 for seven nights to $7,770 for twelve nights per person. Kinda pricy, right?

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